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Yirong Farm - China 250g

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Tasting notes: Green Apple, Honey, Almond

Process: Fully Washed

Based in the Yunnan region this farm is powered by a mother-daughter duo focused on protecting the environment and sharing economic benefits with their community. Crisp and bright with green apple acidity and a sweet sugared almond finish.

While coffee is the main crop grown at Yirong, the farm also cultivates tea, a common agricultural product in Yunnan, and corn.

Harvest & Post Harvest: cherries are selectively handpicked and then pulped on a mechanical aqua pulper. Pulped coffee is then fermented in tile-lined concrete tanks for 24 to 30 hours. After fermentation, parchment in cleaned in washing channels and laid to dry on raised beds for 30 to 38 days.

Produced by: Luo family from the Yirong Farm

Varietal: Catimor

Altitude: 1300-1600 MASL

Suitable for all brewing methods

We would always encourage to purchase our coffees as whole beans and grind on demand, however we now offer ground coffee for espresso and filter too! Please note that coffee is ground just before dispatch and a tamper proof seal will be applied to the coffee bag.