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The Espresso Quest, Instaurator

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When we first came across this book we were immediately smitten by the excellent photography.
The Espresso Quest is the definitive book on Espresso Coffee. Espresso is now a global phenomenon with its popularity exploding everywhere. The Espresso Quest will appeal both to those who make their living from coffee and those who simply can't live without it. It is written for anyone who loves coffee, good food or great wine. An amazing coffee table book about espresso coffee.
  • Stunning photography
  • For novice and professionals
  • Instructed with pictures

“The Espresso Quest gives eloquent voice to the passion that drives coffee professionals and enthusiasts”
— Mike Ferguson, Former Chief Communications Officer Specialty Coffee Association of America.

“The book is fantastic. The photos are incredible.”
— Barista Magazine

“The book is beautifully illustrated with photos showing the coffee industry from seed to espresso cup.”
— Roast Magazine

“The Espresso Quest is one man’s journey to find the smooth, rich and complex flavor of a flawlessly prepared espresso. Whether you’re a fan of a perfectly poured espresso, or have yet to acquire a taste for one, you’ll be sure to have an espresso epiphany after reading Instaurator’s book.”
— Laura Everage, former Managing Editor of The Gourmet Retailer