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Stowaway - Espresso 250g

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Tasting notes: Wine - Buttery - Fruit - Marmalade - Toast


Cabo, Verde, Paraiso Estate, Pulped Natural   

Carmo de Minas, Ascarive,  Natural


A blend of coffee from 2 small farms:

Don Pepe (located in Rio Negro, Satipo, Junin) and El Gran Chaparral

(located in Pichanaqui, Chanchamayo, Junin), Fully washed.

Stowaway continues to delight our taste buds following every single small batch roast. Equally delicious whether it’s a straight ‘pick me up’ espresso shot or as a slightly longer coffee with a little milk – in fact it makes a beautiful flat white!

A pre-blend of the two toasty and sweet Brazil coffees, post blended with the rich and fruity washed from Peru. The first two deliver a comforting buttered toast and roasted almond body while the Peru complements perfectly by delivering mature and juicy fruit brightness.

Specifically created as Espresso blend. However, suitable for all brewing methods.