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Tumba - Rwanda 250g

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Tasting notes: Red Berries, Black Cherry, Honey

Process: Washed

Tumba coffee washing station was established in 2007 by 3 private investors. Now fully owned by Venuste, a former teacher very passionate about coffee and the only founding member who is also a local inhabitant. As a resident he is also aware of the many hurdles coffee farmer can face and therefore has been investing in farmer extension service and work tirelessly to keep the station in good working condition to support farmers he works with and deliver the best of quality.

Variety: Red Bourbon

Altitude: 1700 MASL

Suitable for all brewing methods

We would always encourage to purchase our coffees as whole beans and grind on demand, however we now offer ground coffee for espresso and filter too! Please note that coffee is ground just before dispatch and a tamper proof seal will be applied to the coffee bag.