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Fazenda Pantano Brazil 250g

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Tasting notes: Praline, Chocolate, Toasted Sesame

Process: Pulped Natural

In the pulped natural process the skin of the cherry and most of the mucilage are removed. The sticky beans are then laid out to dry on African style raised beds for 10-14 days. This process means there is reduced need for water and gives a more prominent acidity in the cup. Expect a smooth chocolate mouthfeel and roasted nut aftertaste. 

Fazenda Pântano lies in the Cerrado region close to Patos de Minas. The farm sits at an altitude of 1,150 M.A.S.L and covers a total area of 550 hectares. More than 300 hectares of the land are allocated for permanent natural forest reserves, which is six times more than the legal requirement under Brazilian law. The farm has over 200 varietals, most of which are in experimental production, and is working closely with the Brazilian Coffee Research Institute to experiment with processing and flavour. The farm supports a local school and funds various training schemes and courses for its staff as well as providing full health care.  

Varietal: Yellow Bourbon

Altitude: 1,100 MASL

Suitable for all brewing methods

We would always encourage to purchase our coffees as whole beans and grind on demand, however we now offer ground coffee for espresso and filter too! Please note that coffee is ground just before dispatch and a tamper proof seal will be applied to the coffee bag.