New Arrival: Honduras Nely Suyapa

New Arrival: Honduras Nely Suyapa

Nely Suyapa- Honduras 

Nely Suyapa is grown on a small farm in the El Hichozal area of Corquin, Honduras, at altitude 1200 masl. The coffee is named after Nely Suyapa Orellana- the owner of farm Las Gemelas. This will be the second year that Nely has produced micro-lots, she has a passion for experimenting with different processing methods using these different varieties with the help of the speciality agronomy project.

Honduras is currently the largest coffee producer in Central America, and the industry has a massive effect on the national economy. The conditions in Honduras are great for growing coffee due to the high altitude, volcanic and fertile soils, ideal climate and having plenty of expertise.

Las Gemelas is planted with yellow and red catuai that she received from her husband, Donaldo Gonzales Fiallos, and has managed to replicate the same delicious sweetness and delicate acidity.

The full processing of the micro-lots takes place at the Aruco mill enabling greater control over the process, ensures that there is consistency in each lot and reduces risk for the producer. Coffee will then be delivered to the mill, where they asses the coffee cherry and decide on which process to use. The cherries are then cleaned, washed and floated to remove any immatures. Everything is then placed in to sealed barrels to create an environment without oxygen, allowing the fermentation process to begin. A natural yeast fermentation is then developed, to provide a greater degree of perceived acidity in the cup and a more distinctive profile. Finally, the coffee is taken to the beds where it is dried for between 20-30 days.

From Nely Suyapa you can expect tasting notes of savory, spice, citrus, honey and lemon. Delicious!

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