New Arrival: Ethiopia Guji Highland

New Arrival: Ethiopia Guji Highland

Guji Highland- Ethiopia. 

Guji Highland is grown on a family owned farm, established in 2012 by Wodessa Yachisi. The 250 hectare farm is situated in Oromia, Ethiopia, near the town of Shakisso in the Guji Zone- around 530km south of Addis. Guji Highland is grown in what can only be described as natural cloud forest, at an altitude of between 2000-2300 masl. Ethiopian coffee quality is indisputable with them growing some of the healthiest and happiest coffee trees you see anywhere in the world.

The farm is between 3-4 years old and has been planted in stages, with new seedlings cultivating each year using the seeds collected from indigenous mother trees.

Production on the farm is 100% organic and the topsoil is so rich with organic matter, that you immediately sink in it when walking over it. Coffee is harvested between mid October- December, where the cherries are spread out in the sun, on large raised matting beds 3ft above the ground. As the cherries dry, they are turned by hand to ensure even drying and it can take up to 3 weeks before the cherries are dried at the optimum moisture content, depending on weather conditions.

Each of the smallholders that work on Guji Highland are managed and provided with expert advice, beginning from seed selection from wild coffee trees to the production and processing stage.

With Guji Highland you can expect an intense cup profile with tasting notes including blueberry, jam, velvet and perfume.

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