New Arrival: Myanmar Green Land Estate

New Arrival: Myanmar Green Land Estate

We are delighted to announce the latest edition to our single origin series -  Green Land Estate, Myanmar.

Myanmar is an origin that has grown in popularity in the speciality coffee scene in recent years - and it’s easy to see why! This coffee is perfect for those who are more adventurous in their coffee choices, and love to experiment. You can expect a smooth bodied cup that provides a complex green apple-like acidity, perfectly balanced, with a little sweetness.

Green Land Coffee Plantation was founded in 1999, by U Sai Wan Maingin. The farm cultivated Arabica coffee varieties from Costa Rica T-8667, T-5175 and Kenya SL-34 in Pyin Oo Lwin (formerly Maymy), a scenic hill town in the Mandalay region of Myanmar.  Located in Shan plateau at 3800 feet above sea level, Green Land is one of Myanmar’s largest coffee plantations, with over 600,000 coffee trees growing on 700 acres. All cherries are handpicked by experienced farmers to ensure that only ripe cherries are harvested, guaranteeing the coffee is the best quality. Once the coffee beans have been separated from their cherries, they are naturally sun-dried, sorted depending on size and hand-graded to remove the impurities.

Founder Sai Wan Maing is part of the Myanmar Coffee Association and has a CQI Q-Arabica certificate. He also won multiple awards in Myanmar’s national quality competitions and has been named an Outstanding Coffee Grower by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations in 2003.

Whichever way you decide to brew this coffee, you can expect a distinctive profile, but we would recommend experimenting with Aeropress or even as a cold brew!

You can purchase Green Land Estate here

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